Some frequently asked questions

An injury or illness to you or a loved one is seldom a planned event. And if you have experienced such an event you probably have been unprepared to answer questions like:

  • Who can provide the medical care required following a hospital stay or significant change in health?
  • Can it be done in the comfort of home?
  • Will insurance over the costs? Or will Medicare? Or will I have to pay?
  • Do I have to set-up and manage the care or does someone else?

…is home care affordable?

Receiving medical attention at home sounds like an expensive proposition. However, not only is it the most affordable, but it is also the wisest option.

Having someone come into the home only when needed and being able to be at home, reduces the cost for care dramatically. Medicare and many other third party payers have come to realize that home care reduces both the daily cost, as well as, the length of care required.

The reduction in cost of care and the dramatic increase in recovery rate makes home care an option that truly you can’t afford not to consider.

…how do I choose the right agency?

Finding the right caregiver to handle your home health care needs can be difficult. As our society’s health care needs continue to increase, more and more home care agencies appear. But how do you find one that you can trust?

First and foremost, ask questions. Meet with individuals in charge, as well as the practitioners who will provide the medical care. Inquire as to their certifications, fields of specialty, methods of quality assurance, and philosophy of care and rehabilitation.

It is important that the patient and family feels comfortable with the provider, because they will become part of the patient’s life.

…why Buckeye Home Care?

Buckeye Home Care was created to offer the best patient care available. We are committed to our patients and dedicated to addressing their needs. We believe that home care should always be comprehensive, consistent, professional, and handled in a caring and compassionate manner.

Our experience dates back to the emergence of home health and has instilled in us a patient oriented philosophy that we believe provides our clients with the best combination of recovery and comfort available.

Buckeye Home Care will make sure that the doctors, nurses, therapists and family members all have the same plan of care. When you or a loved one becomes ill, the recovery should always be a team effort and Buckeye Home Care is always on your team.